Protect Your Employees. Protect Your Reputation. Protect Your Bottom Line.

Employees are generally aware that they should report wrongdoings to either their manager, corporate counsel or human resources.

However, what if the employee isn’t comfortable reporting what they’ve observed or experienced inside the organization? Exposures are too great for an organization not to receive a prompt report of what has occurred. And, employees deserve to be heard.

MySilentWhistle offers businesses and employees an anonymous and confidential ethics hotline service as an additional means for the reporting of fraud, ethics violations, harassment, discrimination, or other concerns.

MySilentWhistle is an extremely cost effective means to help bring incidents to light before they cause your organization loss of business, theft of assets, legal exposure or repetitional harm.

Offer your employees a confidential, third-party tool to report whatever they’re uncomfortable sharing inside the organization. Communication options with MySilentWhistle include a toll-free number, website form submission and even texting.

For more information, email info@mysilentwhistle.com or call (801) 628-1347.

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